Fried Bow-Ties by Minnie DiFulvio/The Greco Family “Cook”Book

Fried Bow-Ties

In 1998 my husband, Mike and myself had gone to the First Greco Family Picnic (they have it every 5 years).  Over the next few months, Diane Randesi (one of the children of the Greco clan) had put together a cookbook that everyone who attended the picnic (about 100 people or more) contributed recipe to the cookbook.

Fried Bow-Ties by Minnie DiFulvio/The Greco Family “Cook”Book

Fried Bow-Ties

3 eggs

1 Tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

Flour (as much as it takes to make a medium dough mix (see instructions)

Cooking oil (enough to deep fry)

Powdered sugar (enough to roll cookies into)


Mix eggs, sugar and vanilla.  Add flour.  Start with 2 cups and add ½ cup at a time until you can knead the dough.  Place in a lightly greased bowl and cover for 1 hour.

Cut dough in pieces and put each piece through macaroni machine until the piece is long and thin.  (If you don’t have a machine, use a rolling pin to roll the dough paper thin.)

Place on board, and cut with a pasty wheel (to make a fluted edge) into 6” strips.  Tie each strip into  a loose single knot and deep fry quickly in a pan of hot oil.  Remove knot-cookie from oil, and place on paper towel to absorb oil.  Roll in powdered sugar.

(Recipe for the Fried Bow-Tie Recipe was in the Greco Family “Cook”Book. Minnie DiFulvio, 1998.)

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