Chicken and Coconut Soup


Chicken and Coconut Soup

Chicken and Coconut Soup

The Everything Soup Cookbook, this book has 300 mouthwatering recipes.  There is soup for everything…such as Curried Chicken, Lemon Chicken and Okra, Italian Minestrone Cola, Pumpkin, Rice and Egg.  I’ve picked out for you to try…


Chicken and Coconut Soup Recipe


Chicken and Coconut Soup

3 lbs. chicken

8 slices galangal (also called Thai ginger)

3 stalks lemongrass

8 chili peppers (red or green)

1 lemon

½ of an egg white

2 tsp. cornstarch

4 cups Kitchen Basic chicken broth

3 cups coconut milk

4 Tbsp. fish sauce (Thai or Vietnamese)

½ tsp. sugar


1 cup peanut oil

1 tsp. black pepper

Coriander leaves


Cut the chicken into thin strips.  Slice the galangal.  Slice the bottom 6-8 inches of the lemon grass, on the diagonal.  Seed and coarsely chop the chilies.  Juice the lemon.

In a bowl, mix together the chicken strips, egg white and cornstarch; refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Pour the chicken broth into a soup pot.  Add the galangal, lemongrass and chilies.  Bring to a boil, cover, reduce to a simmer; and then cook for 10 minutes.  Remove the cover and stir in the coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar and salt to taste; then simmer for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, using a skillet or wok, heat the peanut oil.  Stir in the chicken pieces. Separating them, and cooking just until they turn white.  Drain.

Pour the broth into individual bowls.  Divide the chicken pieces among them.  Sprinkle each bowl with lemon juice, pepper and coriander leaves.          6-8 servings

  • Buy preskinned chicken breasts; choose white meat over dark for the leanest meat.


(Recipe for Chicken and Coconut Soup, was in The Everything Soup Cookbook, 2002, 2015)


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