Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes Recipe

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

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Turn an ordinary cupcake into a Thanksgiving extravaganza with this easy-to-find “secret” ingredient:  caramel!!                                                                                              

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes Recipe

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

1 can (16 oz.) caramel frosting or frosting of your choice

make cupcakes of your choice (chocolate or vanilla)


Dots candies, candy-coated sunflower kernels and Sixlets candies


Make your cupcakes then frost them.  For each turkey, unwrap three caramels; place on a small piece of waxed paper.  Microwave on high for 5 -7 seconds or until softened.  Break off desired amount for the body; roll into an egg shape.  Roll two smaller pieces into wings and two pieces into legs.  Press onto body to attach.

For the leaves; roll out Dots candies to 1/8 inch thickness; cut leaf shapes.  Place a turkey on top of each cupcake; arrange leaves, sunflower kernels and Sixlets around the turkeys.

(Recipe for the Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes recipe was in the Taste of Home Cupcakes For Every Season, display until April 5, 2011)


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