Anginette Cookie Recipe

Anginette Cookie Recipe

My aunt made the Anginette  Cookies Recipe for EVERY occasion since I was in my teens, and to this day my cousin Julie and myself are the only two that try to carry on the tradition.

Anginette Cookie Recipe


2 LB. WONDRA flour (minus 1 ½ cups)

9 HEAPING tsp. baking powder

1 cup sugar

8 eggs

¼ cup milk

1 stick margarine

5 tsp. anise extract

3 tsp. lemon extract

Mix dry ingredients with margarine, and make sure you mix well with your hands.

In separate bowl, beat eggs, milk, anise and lemon extract.  Then add to dry ingredients, work in well with your hands.  Batter will be tacky, go to hard surface, and gradually add remaining flour.  If still tacky add regular flour a little at a time.  Then roll and twirl around fingers (the Anginette’s should be wrapped around two fingers, making three small twirls).  Bake on 350 F. on second shelf until tips are golden brown 10 – 12 minutes.  Makes about 80 cookies.


1 box confectionery sugar

Anise extract to taste

Water – a little at a time, until you reach thickness you want

Put long sheets of wax paper on kitchen table, and then ice the cookies by spreading the icing all over the cookie except the bottom, I like the icing to be thin because it’s easier to spread .  Wait a few hours, because the icing should be dry to the touch.  Best if the Anginette’s are made 2 days before you need them.

*Use WONDRA flour only because the flour has to be fine 

(Recipe is from my aunt)

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