Terrifically Quick Trifle

Terrifically Quick Trifle

Terrifically Quick Trifle

I recently got a trifle dish- and this Terrifically Quick Trifle would be the first thing I would put inside my trifle dish.  With Easter (March 31, 2013) coming – I think I’ll make this trifle!

Terrifically Quick Trifle Recipe

Terrifically Quick Trifle

2 cups cold milk

1 pkg. (3.4 0z.) instant vanilla pudding mix

1 loaf pound cake

3 cups fresh or frozen mixed fruit, thawed

Whipped topping:   1 cup Tuscan Dairy Heavy Cream

¼ cup powdered sugar

Cut the pound cake in 1 –inch pieces; layer on bottom of dish.

After the pudding is made; put half of the pudding on top if the pound cake.  Layer half of the mixed fruit on top of the pudding.

Then layer the rest of the pudding; then the rest of the mixed fruit.  Then top with the whipped topping; place a piece of mint on the top.

(Recipe for Terrifically Quick Trifle was in the coupon section of the Sunday Newspaper.)


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